Thursday, August 29, 2013


Omg it has been more than two years I don't update my blog and just let it be dead. Now I'm going to write and update my blog as many as I could. I don't know why I will stop updating my blog and within this two years I'm almost forgot my blog. I'm feel sorry and guilt. Anyway my blog will be kept updating. Just stay tune. 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010












Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Days are busy

What am I busy recently?
Busy for gather,
busy for preparing examination,
busy for doing my last presentation and assignment.

This afternoon I'm at Starbucks doing notes and still able to finish two chapters. While waiting my girl friend to end the class, I'm studying and text with friends too. At 5pm, my friend comes to join me and we have dinner together. We back at 7pm. I'm waiting for her for 5hours and we just spend 2hours to talk and seem like not enough.

Since we studied bachelor, we really seldom meet and have a nice talk. We usually just text and call for each other. But just now she tells me we propably will go UK together. She previously plans goes to UK further study at February, now because of the application problem she needs to delay it. Ha ha. It's a good news to me.

Furthermore, we have make an appointment with our another girl and boy friends. We want to meet them before they go back to their country. Finally, we have decided gather at 14th December. I'm looking forward for this gathering now. We should enjoy the gathering well and is another memory for us again. Next year, we all will separate again. Boy is going back to country, girl will further study to America and she and I'll go to UK. Probably, this is the last gathering that belong to four of us. I'll appreciate it. Again, nice to be your friend and glad to study with you guys. Will be miss you all.

Another thing is that my dear and close friend will come to KL visit me on this coming Thurs. I'm really happy for that as we don't meet for more than one year, but we always keep in touch. I already prepare and plan everything for her. We wanna have fun and joy. Welcome to KL, my darling.

Friday, November 19, 2010



Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Darl, I want this

Darl,this kills me so badly, you know. Let go and get it one. It is my favorite. When come here, we go together. Look forward for your coming. Faster planning your holiday. Can't wait to see you and bring you go anywhere. I already have idea where should we go.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Lately I am puzzle and confused with my future. I am thinking that where and what is my future. What should I do for my next year and steps? Should I discuss with my family first or just make decision by myself? The most important that I need to care is the result and finance. Is it sufficient for supporting me to further study at UK for at least two years? How about the university that I choose is it suitbale and pretty good with everything? Oh gosh, that's too many things that I need to concern and think. I should think that what is good for me and what is the best way to pursue my dream. I've planned it well, but it seems like things do not go smooth as I thought. That's why that I am confusing now. Thinking, thinking, and thinking again. I still don't have a proper and final decison yet. Now is already end of the year and I should have a decision, so that I can prepare well. Time is up. It is the timed that I need to make my final decision. Hope I can choose the way that I want and is the perfect way.

[HQ] 倪安東-《Sorry That I Loved You》MV

This is perfectly nice, the voice, the lyrics, the singer, it's extremely good. I like this song so much and it will be my cell phone ring tone.

Hope everyone will like it as well. Enjoy to listen.